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Pavel Monhart Photographer and author

Portrait and glamour photography is focused on the photographed individual. The model is the main subject and the centre of attention of both photographic genres. Portrait photography gives the emphasis on facial image, which characterizes the photographed person. The essence of glamour photography is an idealization of the beauty of the subject. The roots of this genre lie in Glamour photography of movie stars from the early nineteen twenties. This style evoked a desire to dress and look like stars of the silver screen. photography covers both styles of photography when boundaries blend into each other and is able to capture the individuality of the character and the harmony of the inner and outer beauty of the model. Taking pictures is possible in the studio, at the homes of clients, in interiors and in various attractive external sites. Services related to the preparation of the shooting of the subject are of course included. We offer creation of original portrait photographs. Our images are always made with emphasis on the individual approach to the client and on professional services related to photography.